Farm Sheds

At Bairnsdale Engineering we specialise in the design and manufacture of all types of farm sheds, servicing Gippsland and beyond. This includes hay, calf, dairy, packing, processing, and machinery sheds, and stockyard and feed pad covers. Learn More
calf shed
Industrial Shed

Industrial Sheds

Bairnsdale Engineering design and manufacture a broad range of industrial and commercial buildings. Buildings can be supplied in kit-form, installed to lock-up stage or project-managed as a complete "turn-key" building project. Learn More

Shed Projects

Bairnsdale Engineering have been manufacturing sheds for customers in Victoria and New South Wales since 1976. Take a look at some of the current and completed farm and industrial projects by Bairnsdale Engineering. Learn More
dairy feed pad cover
Kahli - Calf Shed, Longwarry VIC

No regrets! The ventilation gaps and the steeper roof pitch work really well. Have had the calves in the shed for 10 weeks now and there is no smell. Was wary about rain coming in the ridge vent but it was pouring down the other day and it was completely dry inside. Very happy calves!

Kahli - Calf Shed, Longwarry VIC
Rural Sheds

Bairnsdale Engineering – Manufacturing Farm & Industrial Sheds since 1976

At Bairnsdale Engineering we design and manufacture farm and industrial sheds. We offer both standard and custom designs made from hot-rolled RHS and UB steel sections. Our designs generally start from 12m wide and our bay sizes generally range from 6m to 12m.

We are committed to supplying high quality, robust buildings with a focus on customer service to assist our clients through the whole process.

Our team works closely with our customers from the first contact to ensure that the product offered meets their requirements.

Services we offer you:

  • An initial site visit by a member of our sales team upon request
  • Permit assistance
  • Site specific engineering
  • Kit-only options or our installation teams are available
Stockyard Cover

The benefits of a Bairnsdale Shed

Hot-Rolled Steel Frames

Bairnsdale Engineering shed frames are manufactured from rectangular hollow section (RHS) or universal beams (UB) with connection plates factory-welded to rafters and columns for superior strength and ease of installation. Items such as crane rails and mezzanine floors can be easily included if required.

Dairy Shed

Hot-Dipped Galvanizing Options

Shed frames can be hot-dipped galvanized for superior corrosion protection. Hot-dipped galvanizing is the processing of dipping fabricated steel into molten zinc. This process provides a distinct advantage over other corrosion protection methods.

Stockyard Cover

Site-Specific Shed Engineering

Bairnsdale Engineering supply certified site-specific plans and engineering for all our buildings.

Whether your proposed building is in an urban industrial zone or a rural environment, where extreme winds and snow loads for alpine and sub-alpine areas need to be catered for, our plans and products are designed to suit your situation.

Calf rearing shed

Large Clear Spans

Bairnsdale Engineering designs allow for clear spans of up to 65 metres wide, heights of up to 15 metres and bay sizes of up to 12 metres.

Competitive Pricing

Whilst Bairnsdale Engineering has a focus on superior quality buildings, we also recognise that pricing must be competitive in the marketplace and affordable for our customers. We believe that we have achieved this aim with our range of designs, relationships with our raw material suppliers, and our lean manufacturing processes.