Can Bairnsdale Engineering assist in arranging building permits?

Yes. Bairnsdale Engineering can certainly assist with completing building permit applications and all sheds come with a set of plans and site specific engineering certification from our engineer for submission to Building Surveyors for building permit approval.

Can I install my own shed?

Yes. The construction is a comparatively simple bolt-together process, providing that you have the necessary equipment and building knowledge.

Do Bairnsdale Engineering build garages and carports?


What is B.M.T. and T.C.T. in relation to roof and wall cladding?

B.M.T. refers to the Base Metal Thickness before any coatings or paints are added to the products. T.C.T. is the Total Coating Thickness measurement of the material after all coatings have been added. B.M.T. is the measurement that should be quoted as it relates to structural integrity. E.g. .42 B.M.T. is equivalent to .47 T.C.T.

What is the maximum depth/width that your buildings can clear span?

Up to 50m clear span but can go larger if necessary.

What is the maximum length of your buildings?

Almost any length is possible.

Industrial Shed with canopy               feed pad cover               Bairnsdale Engineering