Our Story

Rural and Industrial Buildings – Built like they should be.

Bairnsdale Engineering, a third-generation family business, originally started as an enterprise in 1976, when a builder and his two sons began manufacturing domestic and rural steel sheds. From these beginnings, 45 years ago, our enterprise has steadily grown and commands respect in an ever changing and competitive business environment.

The sheds and buildings we supply are manufactured by us, using hot-rolled steel sections for columns and rafters, in our purpose-built factory in Bairnsdale.

We have a commitment to high quality, strong and robust buildings with a focus on customer service. This is evidenced by our steady growth over the years to the position Bairnsdale Engineering holds today. We also have a commitment to provide a safe workplace for our employees and a safe and easy access to our premises for our clients.

At Bairnsdale Engineering we work closely with our customers from the first contact to ensure that the product offered meets their requirements. We like to meet our clients on their site when applicable to get a better understanding of their situation. At Bairnsdale Engineering our products are not exactly assembly line; this give us the flexibility required to endure the best possible outcome for our customers.

Our main aim is to display integrity in all that we do and to provide buildings that are strong, robust, secure, aesthetically pleasing, functional and of high value to our customers. Companies that supply our raw materials must also display integrity, provide quality products, excellent service and back-up support.

Bairnsdale Engineering
Bairnsdale Engineering Factory