Sliding Door Systems

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Over the years we have been continuously improving and developing our sliding door systems.


Since 2014 we have been using Downee door hardware. Manufactured in Italy from high quality steel, Downee Heavy-duty tracks and rollers are ideal for large sliding doors in farm and industrial environments where large clear openings are required for ease of access.


Multiple tracks can be positioned together to allow for multiple doors on a single wall. Doors can either stack or slide past enclosed walls.


Our floor guide options are unique to Bairnsdale Engineering sheds. Continuous research and development has allowed us to create the most effective designs.



  • Heavy-duty 75×50 RHS frame
  • Height adjustable for ease of install
  • Easy on-site assembly
  • Locks from inside the shed for extra security
  • Design options for both side walls and gables
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  • Good lead-in angle
  • Tyre -friendly design
  • Galvanised for longevity
  • Can be installed without a slab
  • Suits multiple door quantities
  • Can be bolted directly to slab
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Mid-bay guide options for extra stability


  • Unique to Bairnsdale Engineering sheds
  • Ease of use: self-guiding
  • No rebate or floor step required for weather protection
  • Super smooth vehicle entry to building
  • Reduced dust, leaves and grass etc. in shed
  • Hot dip galvanised for ultimate corrosion resistance
  • Doors can be operated safely in windy conditions
  • Anti-clog design: no wheels at ground level
  • Anchored into pier footings
  • Can suit multiple door quantities
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Shed sliding door guide
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Shed sliding doors
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    Ken - Machinery Shed, West Gippsland

    I’m very happy with my shed and doors. Despite being such large doors (5.7m high x 7.5m wide) they run smoothly. I had a minor issue with the┬áPA door frame but I was able to rectify this myself. I believe I have a good relationship with Bairnsdale Engineering.

    Ken - Machinery Shed, West Gippsland