Three-Sided Farm Shed – Gelantipy

This project is a three-sided farm shed supplied and installed in Victoria’s high country, Gelantipy. The customer’s specifications, among other things, required that the building be able to withstand high winds in an open and exposed location.

Bairnsdale Engineering’s standard 12m span design, using 150mm x 100mm x 4mm R.H.S., was able meet customer specifications and site specific engineering requirements, with no modifications.

“We get very strong winds up here – your sheds don’t move.”
Farm manager – Gelantipy.



  • Dimensions: 24m long x 12m span x 4.5m high at spout
  • Wall cladding: corrugated .42 B.M.T. Zincalume®
  • Roof cladding: 5-rib .42 B.M.T. Zincalume®
  • Wall girts at heights to suit round hay bales
  • 6m bays to allow easy access
  • “Nudge-resistant” columns
  • Suitable for hay and machinery
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