Machinery Shed – Poowong

This machinery shed is an excellent example of what can be achieved with Bairnsdale Engineering’s shed designs and available expertise. Double sliding doors cover the 12m wide clear span opening in the gable end and 4 x 7.5m wide sliding doors were added to cover the openings in the 30m long side wall.

Universal beam columns used on this project have been hot-dipped galvanized for ultimate corrosion protection, and open web rafters have been utilised for roof trusses to provide a durable and rigid clear span building.

This machinery shed is also an excellent example of an owner installed project. Much research and development has been put into our products to facilitate ease of construction on site with manufacturers backup service readily available.


  • Dimensions: 30m long x 18m span x 6m high at spout
  • 7.5m bays
  • Suitable for large heavy-duty machinery
  • Door types: heavy-duty sliding
  • Large access areas
  • Wall and roof cladding: 5-rib .42 B.M.T. Colorbond®
  • 12m wide doorway in gable end
  • Frames: universal beam columns with open web rafters
  • 5.7m and 7.5m wide sliding doors
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